Author Biography

Tony Moore Born in Northampton England to Rosena, who died when I was 4 years old; I lived my early childhood in Lowestoft Suffolk with an aunt who became my guardian angel. After a childhood of being moved from place to place in foster homes and children’s homes, I was forced into boarding school in Cheltenham, with hilarious results. I moved back to Ealing in West London to begin a 5 year engineering apprenticeship earning very little and certainly not enough to support myself. I sang and played guitar in several bands in order to make ends meet before moving to Toulouse in France. I met many now very famous people along the way, and their story is meshed with mine, and I have owned 3 successful businesses in UK and USA which are described in my book.

I have four children, two daughters Amanda and Georgia living in London with my six grandchildren, and two sons Nicholas and James living in Greenwood Indiana where I now live with my wife Sue of 25 years.

I believe that each of us is given divine gifts that we can choose to use or choose not to and that freedom of choice is ours alone to make. If the tools, or skills we are given, are used our lives can be incredibly altered and we find ourselves doing things we love and things we are good at and through doing this we can and will affect all those around us.In “One Of A Kind Making Things Happen” you will see how I used these gifts to achieve incredible international success with my life so far.

I also believe and have proved that imagination drives ability and that is what makes us divinely different from each other and makes us all ‘One Of A Kind’